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Places We've Traveled


Seabrook, Texas GIWW (ICW)

We started our adventure in Seabrook, Texas. That's where we bought SV Minnow and spent several months outfitting her for cruising. On January 22, 2018 we left Seabrook and began heading east through the ICW (Intracoastal Waterway) to begin making our way towards the Bahamas and Caribbean. 


Gulfport, Mississippi GIWW (ICW)

Our stay in Gulfport was amazing. The marina was quite beautiful and we loved getting to enjoy our very first beach of the trip. The dogs loved exploring and getting to run with us up and down the shoreline in the soft white sand. 



Intracoastal, Morgan City, New Orleans, Louisiana GIWW (ICW)

As we headed east along the ICW, we entered Louisiana and spent about a week traveling through its canals. We went through several locks, several different types of bridges, and even sailed down the Mississippi River as we passed New Orleans. 


Wolf Bay, Alabama GIWW (ICW)

We loved sailing through the channels in Alabama. The scenery, homes, and wildlife were beautiful and we enjoyed our stop in Wolf Bay. It was a protected anchorage and a great place to stay the night before continuing on to Florida. 



Pensacola, Destin, Port St. Joe, Saint Petersburg, Sarasota, Cayo Costa, Marco Island, Florida GIWW (ICW), the florida Keys

We continued heading east along the ICW until we reached Pensacola. At that point we began heading south and made our way down the coast, went offshore for a 48hr passage to St. Petersburg, explored some beautiful areas, and made it to the Florida Keys! 

The Bahamas

Bimini, The Abacos (Marsh Harbor, Man-O-War, Guana Cay, Treasure Cay, Sandy Cay, Tilloo Cay, Elbow Cay, Tahiti Beach, Noname Cay, etc.) 

We checked into The Bahamas in Bimini before sailing towards the Abacos. We spent a couple months exploring all throughout the Abaco Islands. Some of our favorites were the narrows on Man-O-War, Nipper's Beach on Guana Cay, Treasure Cay, and exploring Marsh Harbor. We really enjoyed the snorkeling at Sandy Cay, Mermaid Reef, and Tilloo Cay.