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Living on a Sailboat with Dogs

We are so excited to have created a bonus video for you all about what it's like sailing with dogs! We have gotten tons of questions about how we potty trained our dogs on the boat, how we store dog food on the boat, how we prevent the dogs' water bowl from spilling, if the dogs get seasick, how we keep up with dog grooming while traveling, and many more. We created this video and blog post to answer those questions. Enjoy!

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Potty Training Dogs on a Sailboat

One question we get asked almost more than any other is how our dogs go pee (potty, do their business, relieve themselves, do... you know...) on a boat. Thankfully, the answer is simple and transforms life aboard with dogs from constant trips ashore to the dogs being able to comfortably and cleanly relieve themselves at their leisure.

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