Meet Our Sailboat, Sailing Vessel Minnow


1986 CATALINA 36'

Sailing Vessel Minnow is a Catalina 36 that was built in 1986. She had previously been owned by a family that loved sailing and would take her out day sailing in the area and use her in regattas. Unfortunately, for the past 7 years she had sat alone in her slip when the owner was no longer able to take her out sailing. Thankfully, a surveyor found her and saw that underneath the green mildew, she would clean up quite nicely. Structurally, Minnow was great; she just needed some TLC.

We knew this surveyor and heard about the little Catalina he was fixing up. He let us come take a look while he worked on getting her main systems up and working again. As we went through the boat, we could see it could be a really fantastic fit for us. We needed something simple, with no bells and whistles, structurally sound, affordable, and something where we could really "learn the ropes" as new sailors. This Catalina, was exactly that. 

After six months of boat searching, on April 17, 2017, SV Minnow was finally ours! It was so exciting working on projects of our own and starting to make her feel like home. Since SV Minnow, like practically all of the boats in the area, had been used for day sailing and regattas, she definitely wasn't outfitted for cruising yet. So, that's where most of our projects have focused. For the following 7 months, we spent most weekends in Seabrook working on getting her ready to go. On January 22, 2018, we untied the dock lines and headed off on the next chapter of our adventure with our very own home on the water- Sailing Vessel Minnow!

You can watch our episode about searching for and buying SV Minnow here!

Julie Hausen