Brands We Work With

We are excited and honored to work with some amazing brands who have provided us with free or discounted products that make our life as full-time travelers even better. We only work with the best of the best and are proud to help these brands reach people whose lives would be made easier, more comfortable, or more beautiful with these products. We’re excited to introduce you to some of these great brands!



Napier Outdoors is the world's largest developer and distributor of Vehicle Camping Tents. We have been loving using their incredible Sportz SUV Tent as we travel around the country in our minivan. It is the perfect solution for maximizing your living space and keeping your gear accessible while camping. By the way, did we mention that the tent is HUGE!!! Not only can we easily fit two sleeping bags, a table, two chairs, and two dog beds, but even John has head room to spare (it’s 7.25 feet tall in the center)! It also easily condenses down to a small, portable size in its travel bag when you’re on the go, so no worries about it taking up space in your vehicle on the way to your campsite.

One of my favorite features is that when the weather is rough, we don’t have to make constant trips transferring gear between a tent and our vehicle in the pouring rain or snow. Since we are traveling with our dogs, having a tent attached to our minivan gives us a ton of extra room to spread out and relax while also keeping our gear easily accessible. We have been so impressed with the quality, durability, and fantastic functionality of Napier’s Sportz SUV Tent and couldn’t recommend it highly enough for families, traveling couples, camping enthusiasts, and their furry friends!



Enkeeo designs and builds outdoor equipments that empower travel enthusiasts, adventurers, athletes and gym lovers to make personal breakthroughs and achieve higher goals in their life. By innovating design and adopting cutting-edge technology, they keep bringing the world practical, user-friendly and affordable products. Some our favorite Enkeeo products are their camping chairs, self-inflating sleeping pad (John’s favorite), inflated sleeping pad (Julie’s favorite), and foldable camping table. We love how each of their products successfully meets or exceeds performance expectations while also being able to easily fold or deflate to a remarkably small size for easy transportation. With our minimalist on-the-go lifestyle, compact sizing is just as important as functionality. Enkeeo has absolutely delivered on both of these objectives and has proven to be a fantastic and affordable company for travelers, campers, and outdoor adventurers!



Suaoki creates great solar and power solutions for people on the go, and we are certainly on the go! ;) They reached out to us and provided us with their D100 Power Bank as well as their 18 LED Solar Lantern

Given our under-sized battery bank, their external power bank has been a HUGE help. It enables us to store the extra power our solar panels bring in during the day that our house batteries can’t hold, which we can then use any time we need. It has been great for editing videos and working on our computer after sunset and in general helps bridge the gap to keep our power needs met. 

The Suaoki Solar Lantern is a lot of fun with its modern design and is our brightest solar light on the boat. It’s great for late-night cooking or projects where we need to clearly see what we’re working on.

Suaoki has even provided a discount code for 10% off your purchase with code: 3LILECWE.  


Mantus Marine

Where to begin? Simply put, our Mantus anchor is one of the best investments we made on the boat. As a disclaimer, before we launched ShaggySeas, we researched all the different anchor brands out there before purchasing all of our ground tackle from Mantus. They reached out to us several months later (after ShaggySeas launched) to partner with us, so we actually purchased most of our Mantus gear full-price. So, you can be certain they are at the top of our list for reliable anchors, long before partnering with them!

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve met other sailors who have endless stress about dragging anchor into other boats, shoals, rocky shorelines, or off into the open ocean during a storm or as they sleep. We’ve taken Minnow through some pretty rough storms in all kinds of holdings and have never had to try more than once to set the anchor and have never drug. I can’t tell you how much peace of mind it gives us knowing that when a northern front is approaching, we don’t have to worry about dragging anchor. Save yourself the hassle, and look into getting a Mantus. We use a 35lb Mantus for Minnow, which is a 36ft Catalina, and it has worked perfectly.


Yacht Club Accessories

Martin is the owner and creator of Yacht Club Accessories. Not only does he create some incredibly sick-looking wooden framed polarized lenses for yachting and sailing enthusiasts, but he also plants a tree for every pair purchased. We absolutely love how he manages to fill a need for sailors in an incredibly stylish way while also helping to sustain and preserve our environment. We would love it if you helped support this incredibly awesome small business by treating yourself (or your fave sailing enthusiast) to a snazzy new pair of yachting sunglasses or a cool yacht-inspired corded bracelet.