From the moment I first put a snorkel on and looked beneath the waves, I was hooked. I just couldn't get enough time beneath the surface seeing all the beautiful fish and sea life. After becoming a certified scuba diver, I just knew I needed to find a way to live and travel near the ocean so I could explore and appreciate more of this watery planet. Whenever I hop into the water, time seems to stand still. For me, what feels like a few minutes of snorkeling and freediving, often turns out to be an entire afternoon in the sea. :) As much as I love the ocean, the more I've traveled, the more this passion has extended to all of nature- from mountains, to rivers, forests, and even deserts.

I have always loved filming and editing videos of my interests and travels. Looking back on the videos I've made over the years brings back so many great memories, and is a huge motivator for filming our traveling lifestyle. One of my main focuses with ShaggySeas is editing our weekly episodes. I really enjoy creating a finished piece that tells a story while also having beautiful background music, solid narration, and balanced sound quality. There's something incredibly satisfying about turning hours of raw footage into finished stories that showcase the places we experience, our process, glimpses of the work involved to keep traveling, and of course, the beauty of nature.


One of the things I love most is exploring nature and observing all of the incredible little details. Whether strolling along a beach, hiking, wandering through a new town, or going snorkeling or scuba diving, I'm always the one to lag a bit behind looking at some tiny creature, bug, a bit of lichen, or a unique looking leaf, lol. I think that's one of the reasons that I love traveling and exploring new places so much. There's always something new and beautiful to see, which inevitably gives me more beauty to draw upon when things get tough. For me, filming our travels and sharing them with the world is about sharing those beautiful parts of nature that can help make all of our days just a little bit brighter. 

I am a traveling artist and just launched my most favorite recent body of work on August 22, 2018 here on ShaggySeas!! This watercolor collection shares the places that have impacted me the most through our recent travels. I have always loved visualizing my surroundings through art and am so excited that I get to share that part of me with all of you.

My design work actually extends well beyond watercolors though, and permeates throughout ShaggySeas. Every photo we post, line of text you read, and design element (merch, branding, website, etc) of ShaggySeas is something I created. :) I love the challenge of learning new skills and creating a life where my passions and work are one and the same. 



Penny (aka "Nugget" or "The Nug") is a 5 year old communications specialist. She excels at communicating her wants and needs and loves finding the perfect balance of comfort and warmth in life. During our travels she has proven to be a fantastic little hiker and we can't wait to take her on some longer hikes. She is also the best snuggler I've ever met! Her love for sunbathing, long walks, and hanging out with her humans has made traveling life just her cup of tea. 


Mondo (aka "Bud" or "The Buddy Boy Mondo") is a 4 year old adventurer who LOVES water. From the time he was a puppy he was always going out of his way to splash in puddles, loved jumping out of canoes to swim, and would race to the tub for bath time. He has proven to be an amazing traveler and his current favorite ways to explore is through running like a crazy boy through jungles finding lizards and hitching a ride in his bag to be carried through shops and art galleries. 

"Take Me to the Sea"

Watercolor Collection by Julie